My Philosophy

An integrated, subtle approach to staying grounded in turbulent times is so important.  Learning the value of health and resilience are the first steps to health freedom.  Symptoms of illnesses are an expression of imbalance, not necessarily the cause. 

I use a number of natural techniques to regenerate physical, chemical and emotional aspects of the body such as:     

·       Acupuncture

·       Herbs

·       Muscle Testing

·       NAET (Allergy Elimination)

·       Fire Cupping

·       Moxa

·       Electro-Stimulation

·       Yoga Therapy


 I believe in treating the whole body, which is primarily connective tissue that grows from the two cells in utero. Within this theory, the organs, bones and spirit are not separate but a part of an entire organism. Working with the emotional, physical, and chemical balancing of the whole body. 

Examples of conditions I treat are:  digestive, fertility, allergies, neurology, TBI (brain injury), Lyme disease care, PTSD, chronic pain and injury, to name a few. I am a good listener and can detect the best plan of action for your ailments.