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3 Tips for Recovering Your Fertility

Pregnant woman touching her stomach

Many women struggle with fertility issues, but few know how to fix them. If you’ve been trying to get pregnant and received the unfortunate news that you might not be able to… there’s still hope.


Fertility issues are not an uncurable life sentence… there are ways to replenish your fertility. Many western practitioners don’t understand how to help your reproductive system heal and may recommend other options for having a baby.


But you can restore your reproductive system… here’s how.


1. Stay away from toxins

Unfortunately, toxins are all around you. They’re in your food, household cleaning supplies, and cosmetics products.


Start with the biggest culprits- your food and your cleaning supplies.


To avoid toxins in foods, look for organic, non-processed food.


Organic food will have a green USDA organic logo on it. This is food grown without chemicals and pesticides, so it won’t carry any harmful materials.


Processed food undergoes transformations that strip the food of its nutrients to make it easier to produce and package. Look for food in the deli and produce isles that are closer to how the food would exist before going through mass processing.


For example, a bone-in rotisserie chicken has not been processed, but a bag of chicken nuggets has had a lot of processing.


You’ll also want to avoid cleaning supplies with harsh chemicals. You’ll want to get rid of bleach altogether and look for a gentler option.


Think about switching to products with vinegar if you need extra scrubbing power, this is a natural solution that will still keep your house clean.


With less toxins and more nutrients, your body will have the resources it needs to heal your reproductive system and help you get pregnant.


2. Use herbal medicine

Herbal medicine can help fill holes in your health that are preventing you from getting pregnant.


If you are not ovulating properly, you will not be able to release an egg to get pregnant. Helping your body’s ovulation process can dramatically improve your chances of conception.


It’s also crucial that your uterus receives enough blood flow. To create a healthy environment to grow a baby, blood must be able to flow to your uterus to ensure proper nutrition reaches your tissues… and eventually a fetus.


Chinese herbs can promote blood flow, regulate hormones, and restore balance to damaged systems. Some herbs regulate the hormone needed to induce ovulation and improve blood flow to your uterus, allowing your body to become pregnant.


3. Try acupuncture

Acupuncture restores the balance in your body’s vital energy. This vital energy is responsible for keeping your systems working properly… including your reproductive system.


If you become too stressed, or expose yourself to excessive environmental stressors like toxins, your vital energy will become blocked. This energy needs to be able to flow strongly for you to stay healthy.


Acupuncture targets the blockages in your energy to remove them and restore the flow of your life force. This allows for better blood flow, nutrients exchange, waste removal, and more.


Your vital energy is controlled by your very own electromagnetic field. Acupuncture needles act like frequency towers, helping control the flow of this magnetic force.


If you’re struggling to get pregnant, it’s likely because of a blockage in this energy creating problems in the way your body functions. Your hormones will get thrown off, blood flow to your uterus will slow, and you won’t have enough nutrients to create a healthy environment to grow a fetus in your womb.


If you’re having a hard time getting pregnant, give us a call. We can help you through a plan to restore your reproductive health and give you the ability to get pregnant.


With over 25 years of experience in helping women get pregnant with acupuncture and herbal medicine, we can come up with a plan that gives you your fertility back.


You’re not alone. We are here to support you on your journey toward having a family.


You can do this; you can heal your body.

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