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How Can NAET Help Your Allergies?

Man struggling with allergies sneezing

Most people think their only hope for overcoming their allergy symptoms are antihistamines and nasal spray. They think they have to cover up their runny noses and itchy faces- doomed to a lifetime of troublesome allergy seasons.

What if there was a way to teach your body how to resolve your allergies? What if you could calm your overreactive immune system?

We use a technique called Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique, or NAET. Rather than covering up your symptoms with a band-aid, it gets to the root of your allergy problem.

Why do you get allergies?

You get allergies when your immune system mistakes a harmless material for a dangerous attacker. It can be anything from food, pollen, pet dander, cleaning chemicals, or even other people.

Your immune system is designed to kick into overdrive when a bug, like a bacteria or virus, sneaks into your body. It works hard to eliminate the bug before it can do any harm to your body- that’s why when you’re sick you get a cough, runny nose, or fever, these are all techniques your immune system uses to keep you safe.

We’re not exactly sure how our bodies became hyperactive toward harmless materials, and why some people have much worse allergies than others. But we do know how to reverse them.

How can you reverse your allergies?

Your body is made up of an electromagnetic field, energy flows through this field and helps all of your bodily functions work properly.

Think of two magnets- if you hold the wrong sides together, they will repel. If you hold the right sides together, they are attracted to each other.

Your body reacts the same way to everything it comes in contact with- people, food, chemicals, etc. If your electromagnetic field repels a certain substance, you’ll likely have an allergic reaction.

You can teach your electromagnetic field to react more appropriately to harmless substances by changing the flow of energy throughout it. This retrains your immune system to stop overreacting.

What do you need to do?

Retraining your immune system is actually a much simpler process than you might think. At OHM, we can help you with our innovative tools for allergy relief.

First, we use muscle testing to determine your sensitivities. If you are overreactive to a certain substance, your muscles will have a distinct negative reaction when brought into contact.

After we determine your sensitivities, we can get to work reversing them.

Acupuncture is used to change the flow of your electromagnetic field. With your energy flowing properly, you’ll no longer experience miserable allergy symptoms.

Different acupuncture patterns produce different results, which is why it’s important to use muscle testing to determine what your body does and does not react to.

You'll be able to overcome your pet allergy and finally enjoy being around your furry best friend. You can feel good when spring rolls around and the trees start releasing pollen. You can even enjoy foods that you had to avoid previously because of allergies.

If you’re struggling with allergies, give us a call. We can help you reverse your allergies and get rid of those nasty symptoms once and for all.

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